Workplace Safety

The university has developed a number of occupational/workplace safety programs to ensure workers are afforded the protection they deserve.

Automatic External Defibrillators

H&S maintains a campus-wide AED program. These devices can shock the heart back into normal rhythm should an individual experience cardiac arrest.

Contractor Safety

Contractors are expected to monitor the safety of the job site and follow the contractor safety manual of the university.

Floor Wardens

This program is part of a comprehensive emergency preparedness effort that addresses safety concerns of the GW community during an emergency.


Applying these principles can help reduce the risk of injuries or illnesses for employees working with computers, in laboratories, at jobs that require repetitive activities and handling heavy materials.

Hazard Communication

This program was developed to prevent hazardous material injuries while using chemicals in the workplace.


The university has developed a Lockout/Tagout program, detailing procedures for disabling energy sources, obtaining lockout/tagout devices and training of workers.

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE is used to create a protective barrier between the worker and the hazards of the workplace and may include chemical resistant gloves, safety shoes, protective clothing, safety glasses and respirators.

Student Driver Safety

The Student Driver Safety Program applies only to George Washington University students who are NOT driving as an employee of the university. If you are a student employee, please contact your supervisor for referral to your HR Client Partner.