Student Driver Safety

The Student Driver Safety Program applies only to George Washington University students who are NOT driving as an employee of the university. If you are a student employee, please contact your supervisor for referral to your HR Client Partner.

The purpose of this program is to:

  • Ensure the safe operation of university-owned or leased motor vehicles
  • Ensure the safety of drivers and passengers
  • Minimize physical damages to our fleet
  • Reduce third party claims made against the university.

It is the university's policy that all university-owned or leased vehicles are operated in a safe and responsible manner. All vehicle operators must possess a valid state drivers license and must also obtain authorization from a supervisor or other authorized GW university employee (e.g.: coach, department representative).

Drivers should report vehicle accidents immediately to the Office of Risk Management, participate in driver's safety training programs, and ensure that the vehicles they operate have received routine maintenance service.

Student Driver Safety Clearance Process

This process requires an annual update and consists of two MANDATORY components:

  1. Annual Motor Vehicle Records (MVR) check
  2. Annual online Driver Safety Training recertification


  1. Download the Driver's Authorization Application and, if operating a 10-12 Passenger Van, the 12-Passenger Van Acknowledgement. For those who are residents of Pennsylvania, you will need to fill out and submit the PA Driver Form.
  2. Complete the form(s) per the instructions provided (all names and signature lines are REQUIRED).
  3. Print and sign the form(s)
  4. Scan the signed forms and a CLEAR, READABLE, COLOR copy of your drivers license (save all as PDF).
  5. Email scans to

The following WILL result in delay or rejection of your application:

  • Missing names and/or signatures for the applicant and GW representative (see Driver's Authorization Application)
  • Illegible information
  • Misspelled name(s)
  • Misspelled or incorrect email address

All applications must be submitted and approvedĀ AT LEAST tenĀ business days prior to departure.

Within 1 business day of submission:

  1. An MVR check will be initiated.
  2. An email notification will be sent to the email address provided on the application, containing a link and instructions to complete the online driver safety training program.

Upon successful completion of both components, both the student applicant and their GW Employee representative will receive an email notice of the clearance results and expiration dates for both.