Red Tag Permit

GW uses a Red Tag Permit System which consists of an easy-to-use wall kit containing red tags, decals, and checklists describing the basic steps to take before, during and after impairment of fire protection equipment. This includes any fire extinguishing system or component including, fire sprinklers, fire pumps, CO2 and halon.

Health & Emergency Management Services is responsible for oversight of the GW Red Tag Program, which includes record keeping and training. 

Red Tag Permit Procedure

Facilities Services/Life Safety is responsible for the issuing of all operational permits.

GW employees AND contractors requiring any fire protection system impairment must submit a FixIt ticket, requesting the impairment.

GW Life Safety will then review the request and coordinate the impairment procedure. For questions regarding Red Tag Permits, contact Facilities Central at 202-994-6706.