Health & Emergency Management Services responds to mold concerns, coordinates trainings and oversees remediation activities on all three GW campuses. 

We also provide technical support for facilities, contractors, property management, and housekeeping. We follow the OSHA, EPA, and New York City guidelines on mold remediation and prevention. Not all molds are hazardous, but remediation is important once an area has been identified.

Mold requires moisture, a food source, appropriate climate and spores to grow. Mold growth can usually be prevented with proper and immediate response to water damage and intrusion.

Schedule an Inspection

Contact us to schedule an inspection if you notice:

  • significant mold growth

  • potential health symptoms associated with mold

  • water damage

  • the need for a moisture assessment

Report Potential Mold Growth

Submit a FIXit ticket to Facilities Services if you:

  • find building components leaking or notice water damage

  • suspect or see potential mold growth

In addition to visible mold growth, it's also important to report instances that may cause mold growth if they are not addressed.