Laboratory Inspections

Chemical Laboratory Inspection Program (CLIP)

The George Washington University aims to provide a safe work and educational environment and will make every reasonable effort to identify and eliminate environmental health and occupational hazards to its employees and students. To accomplish this, the University maintains an environmental health and safety laboratory inspection program.

The University has developed and implemented the GW Chemical Laboratory Inspection Program (CLIP) to reduce the number of safety concerns that are present in laboratories. The laboratory safety inspections are to work in concert with the Chemical Hygiene Plan and Hazardous Materials Management Plan

Each laboratory will be inspected by the Office of Health and Safety at least once per semester. The results of the inspection, along with recommended corrective actions, will be forwarded to each laboratory's Principal Investigator and department chair. It is also expected that laboratory staff will routinely perform self inspections to ensure compliance.

It is university policy that all labs must display a Hazard Information Sheet outside the door of the lab. Click here for the 2016 Laboratory Hazard Information Sheet. Click here for the 2016 Studio Hazard Information Sheet.