Floor Wardens

The Floor Warden Program, coordinated by Health & Emergency Management Services in cooperation with GW Police Department, is part of a comprehensive emergency preparedness effort that addresses safety concerns of the GW community during an emergency.

Ready to Respond

Floor Wardens are volunteers who assist with communications, evacuation, and coordination of people during emergencies. They are organized by building to assist GW Police, the DC Fire and EMS Department, and other first responders.  Floor wardens are provided training on their local building emergency plan that identifies and addresses specific hazards, fire alarm signals, and evacuation or shelter-in-place procedures. Upon completion of training, these emergency volunteers receive certificates, Floor Warden vests for identification, and other safety equipment.

Interested in becoming a Floor Warden?

Learn about the training process to become a George Washington University Floor Warden by filling out an interest form. A representative from Health & Emergency Management Services will contact you with more information.


Health & Emergency Management Services offers a specific training regimen for those interested in becoming a floor warden for their department or office building. The training includes multiple in-person, instructor led sessions throughout the calendar year.

Interest Form

By completing an interest form, you are notifying Health & Emergency Management Services that you are interested in learning more about the Floor Warden Program. This does not mean that you are signing up to become a Floor Warden and you will not be obligated or required to attend any of the training sessions.